Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ATtiny45 Based PC Oscilloscope

Oscilloscopes are expensive but you can make this one for less than $10. This USB scope is based on ATtiny45 (8-pin microcontroller from Atmel). It has 2 analog inputs. The firmware in the Tiny45 is written in C and is compiled with Winavr and usb source code from obdev. As you can see, there is no crystal, the software sync the internal 16.5Mhz pll clock with the USB clock.


Of course, do not expect 1Gs/s HID does not alow that data rate ! But it is using a 10bits AD. It has been designed to plug into a project breadboard so there is no need for a power supply. On this picture it is used to test a high precision light sensor.

It does connect to a PC with usb in HID mode, without the need to install any specific driver. Data are diplayed on the PC with .NET C# software.

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