Monday, October 17, 2011

Web-enabled sprinkler valve controller

This project described an open-source web-enabled sprinkler valve controller system which can be used to schedule and work with standard 24VAC sprinkler valves commonly found in household watering and irrigation systems. It is built around Atmega328 (which means it is Arduino programmable) and can control up to 8 sprinkler valves.

Basic features of the controller include:
  • AVR Atmega328 MCU running at 8MHz, compatible with the open-source Arduino software. The programmability allows the same circuit to be used in many different ways (note: re-programming the MCU requires either an FTDI cable or an AVR ISP programmer).
  • Microchip ENC28J60 Ethernet controller enables web-based scheduling, through either wired Ethernet connection or WiFi connection (note: WiFi connection requires a wireless bridge).
  • Allows up to 8 water stations/zones, each of which can be individually scheduled (by adding a shift register, the number of zones can be extended to 16).
  • Powered directly from the 24VAC sprinkler transformer, no separate power adapter required.
  • On-board push buttons, terminal blocks, and a 16×2 LCD display.
  • Custom-made clear-cover project case, with wall-mount back panel.
  • The controller is compatible with most 24VAC household sprinkler valves.
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